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The wrecking ball

Posted on March 15, 2011 at 1:35 PM

I started writing this novel in 1947, and have interrupted it on several occasions to run a business, have children, eat more cake and so on. So, because I am a better writer now than when I started - not through any clever planning, simply by dint of the passing years - I'm having to make some tricky decisions with the rewrites. It's akin to restoring an ancient building. At what point do I give up on shoring up unsteady old beams, and just knock the whole thing down and start again? I read some of the oldest pages and I have to hide under the desk in embarrassment at myself. But then again, some of the old stuff has a passion and spark that some of my clever new stuff lacks...


As I am fond of saying, this will ALL BE DIFFERENT WITH THE NEXT BOOK.

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