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Inching closer

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 2:55 PM

Continuing in the pattern of posting once a year, in March, here I am. Since this time last year

    • I have sent the book off to three or four agents, all of whom hastily rejected it
    • I've been taken under the wing of The Literary Consultancy, whose reader really liked the book, and they have sent it off to three or four agents, all of whom hastily rejected it
    • I have sent it to one of the two agents I met at the Nightmare That Was Winchester - not the one who felt the book was anti-semitic - the other one and she said...
    • ... yes, but you need to lose 100 pages
    • I lost 100 pages
    • She said YES,  but louder this time

and that's where it's at. She has sent to a few publishers and I am waiting to hear.

How do I feel?

Elated (that someone in the business liked it enough to take a punt on it). Ecstatic (that my hard work on losing almost a quarter of the book paid off and made it a better book). Relieved (beyond measure that when she saw the shorter book she liked it). Anxious (that she won't find a publisher). Wondering (what I'll do if she doesn't). Wondering (what I'll do if she does).

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