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School's back: let the writing commence

Posted on September 8, 2010 at 10:36 AM

My writing friend C said, 'someone wise told me years ago that I had to 'give up' being a writer over the summer as long as I had a child/children to look after... and so every summer I have to relearn the fact of that'.


I must remember that for next year.


The irony of summer is that you socialise so much, and all your friends and acquaintances ask how the writing's going. 'It's stopped for now' is the most accurate reply.


But now here we are, September, and a week from now my boy starts school. Then I will have to try and remember what my novel is about, and where I was in the great re-write. I think it will be good to have had a break. Maybe some of the seemingly insurmountable problems will seem quite trivial; and maybe many of the things I'd planned won't seem necessary.


And I have at least, in the glitteringly brief summer writing days, started on the next novel.



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