Beth Miller

Writing and tea


"Beth, this would NEVER have happened without your help. Your enthusiasm, wise words, kindness, knowledge  - all just magical, and an essential step in my journey.

Someone should write a chapter in the Red Book directing EVERY writer with a good idea your way."

Dr Lucy Pollock, whose non-fiction guide, The Book about Getting Older, will be published by Michael Joseph in January 2021

"Helped me find the confidence..."

"Beth helped me find the confidence

and clarity in my writing to spur

me on to complete my novel."

Martin Nathan, author of the

novel A Place of Safety,

published by Salt, June 2018

"A game-changer..."

 I once paid (a lot of money) to have a 20 minute session with an agent at Bloomsbury Publishers. I got very brief feedback but nothing constructive, no hint as to what might help my submission.

Beth, on the other hand, was totally different, was totally on the ball. I got a full hour plus written feedback to take away. The feedback was what constructive criticism should be. It was honest, but it was also based on an empathy with what I was trying to achieve... She also gave me some advice, based again partly on her good, current knowledge of the market and what the gatekeepers are looking for but also on an understanding of what I was doing. One suggestion in particular was a game-changer.

I came away with a sense of realism but also some optimism in terms of what I might be able to do to improve my pitch. Highly recommended.
Beth is also an effective, down to earth communicator which is important.
Mick Scruton - writer and teacher

"Beady eye..."

I send my manuscript to you when I can't think
straight any more and can't bear to look at it.
I am amazed at how, in two hours, you can hone in
on the unnecessary verbiage, repetitious use of words, spare commas all over the place and point out
inconsistencies that relate to different sections of the book. I feel safe knowing your beady eye is closely monitoring my work.
Diana Hadlow - writer

book coaching

I offer one-to-one sessions for people at all stages of their writing.

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If you've finished your book, and are getting ready to send it out, I offer a tailored service to help get your submission into the best possible shape.

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"Insight and encouragement"

"Right from the start I found Beth's warm, welcoming and inclusive personality just what I needed. When I faltered and the inevitable self-doubts began to get in the way she pushed me forwards offering sound, critical comment and advice.


My first novel has now been accepted for publication and I can honestly say I could not have done it with Beth’s incredible insight and encouragement."

Caraline Brown, whose novel The Candelit Menagerie will be published by Skyhorse in October 2020

"Gets results..."

"Writers who work with Beth get results. It’s thanks to Beth that my 30 years of promising to write this book and that book have turned into, erm, an actual published book. I went on a ‘formal’ Get Going course. She made me text her my word count daily during an extended write.
And she gave the best advice of all: “If you’re going to write, write!” There. The secret’s out."

Sam Knowles, author of Narrative by Numbers, published by Routledge,

March 2018

"One short meeting..."

"Beth was incredibly insightful as to what my proposal needed and hugely helpful in pointing me in the direction I needed to go to make it land with publishers.
I will be forever grateful for the way she encouraged and energised me in one short meeting."

Andy Last, author of Business on a Mission, published by Greenleaf Publishing, November 2016

"Finished my novel in six weeks..."

I spent 15 years writing my novel, but after speaking to Beth I wrote the final 20,000 words in six weeks.
Steve Amos - writer

"Warm, intuitive, humorous approach..."

Beth's unique mix of writing and counselling experience was exactly what I needed when I got stumped on my second novel. She gave practical advice and helped me to take a step back and work out what it was that was causing me to fail. If you're suffering with your writing – whether due to time constraints or plot/characterisation problems or even (especially!) if you're facing the dreaded block, then you should consider mentoring sessions with Beth. The time I spent with her was invaluable and I have her to thank for kick-starting me again after a period of many painful years. Her warm, intuitive and humorous approach really was a blessing.
Debra Laine - writer and proof-reader