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Book Pricing explained!

I'm charging £9.65 for the novels because:

- They cost me £6.20 to buy (yes, I know Amazon sometimes has them cheaper, though actually they are currently £7.99 and £8.99 respectively).
- Second class p&p is £2.85.
- I am throwing in the Jiffy bag, the lovely personalised dedication, and shlepping to the Post Office for free!
- So I need to charge £9 in order to not make a loss. However...

- Paypal charges 3.4% + 20p per transaction, hence the bit extra on top of the £9.
- Look, it'll be worth it because these are jolly good books.
I'm charging £9.50 for The Archers and Shakespeare books because:

- They cost me £5 to buy, and second class p&p is £2.85
- Add in Paypal charges, and I need to sell the book for £8.50 in order to not make a loss.
- I don't get royalties on these, so I'm adding an extra quid to cover the jiffy bag and my time shlepping to the Post Office.
- You do however get a lovely personalised dedication for free!
- They're also thumping good reads.