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Interview with Lou Rhodes from Lamb

We spoke, via electronic means, to Lou Rhodes, one half of electronic music duo Lamb.

You’re currently on tour;­ where are you right now?
As I write I'm on a plane to Zurich for a show in Lucerne, and then one at a skiing resort in the mountains.

What are you looking forward to about playing at the Meadowlands Festival in June?

It'll be great to play a show in England again and we always have really great audiences in that part of the country. Obviously for Andy [Barlow, the other member of the band], who lives in Peacehaven it's pretty much a homecoming gig so I think he's particularly excited about it.

What should we expect from your set?

For those who haven't seen a Lamb show it's pretty difficult to sum up. I guess you could say our shows run the gamut between intense love songs and experimental, jump-up electronica. We've slimmed down the live line-up to the original trio of myself, Andy and Jon Thorne on double bass, and rather than lessening the impact of the show we find this actually gives it more of a dynamic, keeping the music raw and edgy and allowing it space to breathe.

After twelve years together can you and Andy still surprise each other?
I think we can actually. If anything we surprise each other more these days than we did in the beginning.

Best gig?

One that sticks in my mind is a show we did in Paris at Café de la Danse. It was the last show of a three-week tour of northern Europe and we half expected it to be a come-down as Parisian audiences can be a little cool. It was, in fact, one of the most ecstatic shows I can recall. The atmosphere was beyond words.

Which album are you proudest of?
Arrgh! That's tough. Think I'd have to say ‘Five’ right now although our debut album is pretty timeless.

Favourite ever festival?
I'd have to say that Glastonbury has been a highlight on a number of occasions. I remember the first time we played there especially. Just the pure excitement of the realisation of a dream; to be stepping out onto what was then called ‘The Jazz Stage’ (now West Holt), a stage where we'd seen so many legendary acts play before, and the crowd going wild. 

What other festivals are you playing at this summer?
Dates are coming in all the time but so far we have: Caprices Festival in Switzerland, the Secret Garden Party in the UK, Antwerp Rivierenhof in Belgium, Kulturzelt and Kulturena in Germany and Sziget Festival in Hungary.

What would be your Desert Island Disc that you would save above all others?

Arrgh again! This is pretty impossible. First that comes to mind: ‘My Lady of the Island’ by Crosby Stills and Nash.

Tell us a secret.

I try not to have any...

Beth Miller. Published in Viva Lewes, May 2012