Beth Miller

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NetGalley reviews of The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright

"A lovely exploration of what is means to be human and alive. It is both charming and thought-provoking and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Pamela J

"This is just an incredibly readable book. A beautifully told story of life, love, regret, secrets, friendship, self discovery... I laughed out loud, I cried, I stayed up well into the night reading just a little bit more. I just loved this book so much." Adrian D

"Everything you want in a book: a little laugh, a little cry, lots of awww moments. Really loved this book. Very moving." Patricia C

"Oh I loved this beyond words... A poignant read and an emotional one. Beautiful doesn’t do it justice. If you read just one book about life make it this one. 10* if I could." Nicki M

"It is one of those books that helps you feel more positively about the world again and remember that good things can and do happen. And more importantly it is never too late to change things." Lynne C

"I stayed up up way too late reading this book. My 2 a.m. novel. I laughed out loud and I cried while reading this." Missy W

"What a beautifully told story. I have to admit that there were many parts while I was reading that I was teary-eyed. At times it was funny, unforgettable, lifted you up and so warm. A book to truly fall in love with! I couldn't seem to read this book fast enough...There were parts that actually had me laughing out loud. I haven't read such a warm your heart type of book in a very very long time. I totally recommend it." Sheri O

"It was wonderful. It drew me in from the very first page and, although it might be a cliche, I couldn't put it down." Cheryl N

"A lovely read, a story that drew me in from the first pages.With tissues clutched in my hand, tears running down my face, I read this book in one sitting. A story that will stay with me." Abby S

"This will I'm sure have many readers looking and reevaluating their own lives asking themselves whether it's not too late to do what they really want to do with their lives." G.H.

"Told in the alternating perspectives of Kay, a woman wanting to rediscover her younger self, and her daughter, Stella, a young woman just discovering her adult self, the story is one filled with wry humor and observations." Jayme C

"At several points I definitely had something in my eye, and towards the end, well … All I can say is that it takes a lot for a book to simultaneously make me laugh and need to clear a lump in my throat. This one did it in spades. Highly recommended." Audrey C

"Wow... a can't put down story about first loves, loss and wondering if it's ever too late to start over and live that life you always thought you'd have but never got around to living. I really recommend this book. It's got everything you'll ever need and have you laughing and crying at some point in the story. Beth Miller has hit one out of the park! 5/5 Stars 🌟" Mirtha L