Beth Miller

Writing and tea

My bio for the Bestseller Experiment

I've published eight books with four different publishers: one of the Big Five, an indie, a digital first publisher, and a commercial non-fiction pile 'em high press.

Those eight books include the top twenty kindle bestseller, The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright (2020), and a popular non-fiction book about the world's greatest radio show, For the Love of the Archers (2017), which is about to go into a fourth edition.

Plus a few others that did less well.

In fiction I've bumped across genres, from women's commercial and reading group to psychological thriller to comedy. I had an agent, then managed to lose the agent. But I've brokered three book deals on my own since. The fact that I haven't made much money suggests I probably could do with an agent, to be fair.

I've taught creative writing for many years, including for Arvon and for the universities of Brighton and Surrey, and for New Writing South. I run regular workshops on finding an agent (ironically, given that I lost mine), and writing sizzling sex scenes (probably also a bit ironic).

I also work as a book coach for writers at all stages - 133 of them since 2015. Some of my clients have gone on to considerably greater success than my own, and I'M FINE WITH THAT *sobs*

I'm currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Brighton University, which means that two days a week I help students from all disciplines with their writing. Fascinating - I'm learning little bits about biology/criminology/nursing/social work/etc.

Prior to writing I had a lot of different jobs. I started out as a psychology lecturer (I have a PhD in Psychology which comes in handy less often than one might think), and I've also been a sexual health trainer, a journalist, a typist, a volunteer coordinator, an alcohol counsellor...


- The Woman Who Came Back to Life (Bookouture, coming out Jan 5th 2022)

- Starstruck (Farrago, 2021)

- The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright (Bookouture, 2020)

- The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom (Bookouture, 2019)

- The Good Neighbour (Ebury, 2015)

- When We Were Sisters (Ebury, 2014)


- For the Love of The Archers (Summersdale, 2015, 2017, new edition June 2022)

- For the Love of Shakespeare (Summersdale, 2016)