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Readers' comments on When We Were Sisters

"Finished! I absolutely loved it. Literally couldn't put it down and wished it didn't end so soon. When's the next one coming out??" - Annabel L


"I was fourteen in 1979, when some of the story is set, and it rang so many, often painfully embarrassing bells. It's a funny, honest and poignant portrayal of friendship and what happens to family relationships when your best friend's mother makes off with your father. This is one that will linger with me." - Fleur S

"For gods sake...hooked in already on the book...WOW .... omg page 128 ..not trusting HUW and what on earth is going in with Danni - book had to come to footie training ..loving it muchly" - Lucy W


"Just finished reading When We Were Sisters. A stonking read which took place in chunks of several hours at once, hence falling behind on the washing etc." - Elly S


"Really funny and touching. Love the imaginary interviews! Party scene - missed my tube stop cos of it!" - CW

"I really loved this book. The characters were engaging, the plot kept me wondering.
Nobody was vacuous or two dimensional, nobody was perfect. It was like talking to my real friends about things that are troubling them... I worried about the characters when I couldn't read... It was an uplifting book with funny bits that was totally engaging. I have already passed it on and will read it again when it comes back!" - Sally E

"The words 'virtuosic', 'breathtaking technical control' and 'psychologically compelling' come to mind. I LOVED it. When can I read the next one?" - Peter R

"Your book has made me laugh out loud, yearn for the 70s and 80s and I don't want it to end. You have to write another one." Bethan H

"I finished reading When We Were Sisters on Saturday evening and have been missing it ever since – you know that feeling when you are enjoying a book so much you don't want to finish it and at the same time, you can't put it down. It really is fantastic. The ending is SO right. And the characters so good – I love the flawedness of Laura. It's written with such sensitivity." - Elizabeth R

"Wonderful book; funny, wistful and nostalgic all at once!" - Gerry W

"Very funny, moving, and surprisingly - and delightfully - filthy" - Saskia G

"I loved WWWS! The only reason I put it down at 1.30am was that I wanted to savour it & leave myself some more to read the next night. How I wish I could read your follow up NOW. I love finding an author I like & always want to read whatever they have written straight away. Patience, patience…" - Jean W

"I read it really quickly and am now lending it out (sorry, not helping your fortune I know) - think it's great and want others to read it" - Sue F

"I've almost finished reading your When we were sisters novel and love it! When is your next book out? Hurry up lol! Do you have a Facebook Page for people to share their good reviews? I want to get everyone reading your work." - Jaci H

"9% read on my kindle can't put it down!" - David M

"I can't remember the last time I read a book and ended up feeling sympathy for all the characters - even the faithless Huw and the desperate Ceri. What a lovely book. What believable characters, it felt as if I was eavesdropping on real conversations. You managed not to let it descend into soap or melodrama, for which relief much thanks. Looking forward enormously to your next novel. In fact, I haven't looked forward to a writer's next book so much since George Macdonald Fraser was in his prime and pumping out 'Flashman' novels... His sex scenes were funnier than yours, though....." - Clive H

"I'm so glad I forked out for the hardback. A beautiful object and a bloody good read!" - Mica L

"I absolutely loved it. The relationship between Miffy and Laura is just so brilliant I fell in love with both of them." Chris W

“I'm sad. The book is over. You need to write a continuation. The characters are wonderfully rich and I care. That's a big deal and so very well done. Great fucking writing. I have a favourite line on p 344. I think of it and it makes me laugh. Most impressive. Go on start the sequel today. Please. Very unexpected and well crafted.” - Euan M

"I love it when a good writer is in the driving seat and I can enjoy the excellence of the writing … and a really great story. The well-drawn characters engaged me from the first page and I was swept along in their world. Friendship is such an appealing topic and this tale is told with humour and perception." - Heather C

"I LOVED it. Brilliant characters. Very atmospheric. Funny and sad and REAL. The sex was good too! An unexpected delight."

- Robyn A

"When We Were Sisters is a terrific novel. I wasn’t sure if it was for me but goodness it got under my skin and I fairly flew through it. Taught me a thing or two as well, I can tell you. Explained a lot, oh yes." - Jonathan D

"I have just this minute finished reading When We Were Sisters and wanted to say it is one of the best books I have read (and I am an avid reader!) I am sorry I have finished it!!" - Kath M

"I loved the way the plot unfolded like a pass the parcel; gradually opening up just a bit but making me want the next unwrapping. And I realised this was a portrait of a generation. It will tell future generations about the time of blended families and multi-culturism during the early days. It was also a classical exploration of fidelity and integrity - such as George Eliot and Dickens and Shakespeare rubbed our noses in! A bloody good book.  I hope it gets into High Schools." - Melita L

"What an enjoyable and laugh out loud read, I was there all the way with the sisters" - Anne L-J

"Just this minute finished the book. Couldn't put it down. Kids almost went to school with no lunch and smelly breath etc. In fact if I could have got away with not taking them in and staying snugged on the sofa with When We Were Sisters, I would have happily done so. Your writing is awesome, I absolutely loved it and will be thinking about it for ages. Can't wait for your next one!" - Penny R

"Just read this almost in one go.. What a great book. Especially being a NW London Hendon girl.. Loved it" - Deborah H

"Loved it! Couldn't put it down. I think naughty Laura and I are Sisters from Another Mother. ;-) I love the gap between her public persona and her teeming, politically incorrect, frequently venomous thoughts. Loved Miffy's diary entries from her teenage years....lots to relate to there. The fumbling sexual encounters, attempts to masturbate 'properly' etc.....yes yes OH YES!" - Catherine S

"If you like Marion Keyes you will like this. This was one of those books I couldn't put down so stayed up half the night reading. It's a story about friendship, loss and second chances. But there is lots more going on. All well written and believable, I felt real sympathy with the characters. A brilliant read, not heavy but funny despite some of the things going on. it's a good writer who can make you laugh at sadness and feel it too." - Jacqui G