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Reviews of The Good Neighbour
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I am GRIPPED like a gripper on a grip-strip with extra-grippy velcro grips. Wowser. Cwtch Up Books

Miller’s writing style is really addictive and the novel was completely compelling from the get go. I managed to read this book in just a few sittings and was a little gutted once I’d turned the final page. It’s the perfect book to snuggle up in bed with and lose yourself for a few hours. Blabbering About Books

A terrific read which had me gripped. Chapter and Verse Reviews

This novel is a sneaky mystery/domestic drama that creeps up behind you, then WHAM, right between the eyes. There’s a brilliant twist after which the tension ratchets up till the last page. A totally compelling page-turner that you just can’t put down. You simply must know what the heck is going to happen! Becca Mascull, Author of The Visitors and Song of the Sea Maid

I really enjoyed The Good Neighbour, it’s exceptionally well-written and the story explores genuinely disturbing issues. Louise Reviews

This is an excellent read and Beth Miller has constructed an intricate story of friendship, trust, betrayal and reconciliation with truly believable characters. The Haphazardous Hippo

A thought-provoking read... the writing flows beautifully. Off The Shelf Book Reviews

Oh my gosh!  The Good Neighbour is so addictive I couldn’t let go of this book. A real must buy, must read! I Read Novels

It's full of deception, twists and turns, things not being what they seem and overflows with tension.... a fascinating study of relationships within families and within a small community. A really good read, very different, very original, a gripping story full of surprises, great touches of humour and a guarantee that you'll never view your neighbours in quite the same way ever again. Being Anne Book Blog

It was very well written and the characters were developed well throughout. Book Chick City

This book was gripping, with a fast paced plot line and authentic characters. It’s easy to read but keeps you on your toes, with several plot twists that slowly reveal a shocking secret. Typewritered

Beth Miller did an absolutely fantastic job of getting into each persons head, and their thought-processes. It was impossible to not be sucked into their views and opinions. Escapades of a Bookworm

This is a gripping read and the plot is a clever one, with twists and turns along the way... a good old-fashioned thriller. Brighton & Hove Independent

I was totally hooked by this book from the very first page and read it in less than 24 hours.... It is a real roller coaster of a book with the tension building piece by piece. Jilly Sheep Book Blog

The Good Neighbour is a page turner... I found myself turning the pages so quickly, desperate to see how things would turn out. Random Things Through My Letterbox Book Blog

I loved Beth Miller’s previous book, When We Were Sisters, but I recently told someone that I loved this book even more... Read them both, that’s my advice. Sarah Jasmon, Author of The Summer of Secrets

This book is a keeper from the very first page. The Book Bag

It was mind blowing and thought–provoking, full of surprises, twists and turns, and not predictable. I’m sure you won’t be able to put it down – just like I couldn’t.The writing style was so lively, brilliant and easy to follow and I didn’t notice the time passing by when I came out for a breath. The author has this incredible talent to get into her characters’ heads... they were all totally believable, and all their actions, the way they behaved were like in a real life. On My Bookshelf

A fast paced intelligent interpretation of manipulation at its very best. Sincerely BookAngels

With a very clever, well-written plot, I think this book is brilliant. Cath must be one of the smartest, determined and strongest-willed female characters I've ever read about. Though I didn't like her behaviour at all, I admired her courage, resilience and intelligence. Relax and Read Reviews

The Good Neighbour is a multi layered family drama with a dark underbelly, looking at one little street community and focusing on the new arrival and her relationship with those around her... A very enjoyable and thought provoking read. Liz Loves Books

There was one scene that caused me to open my eyes wider... To create a character that is so convincing and real with such flaws is a skill. Jera's Jamboree

The story kept me gripped all the way through. The deceit and the betrayal make for a very disturbing read... This is quite a difficult book to categorise. Its not a thriller but it is a bit darker than an ordinary family drama. My Reading Corner

The Good Neighbour really makes for an intriguing read. I felt like a nosy neighbour peeking through the curtains whilst having a good old gawp at what was going on. With quite a few surprises, The Good Neighbour certainly makes for a memorable read and a must read for anyone with neighbours! By The Letter Book Reviews