Beth Miller

Writing and tea

The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom

'This is the perfect read.’

‘A stellar read with suspense and intrigue up until the very end. Delightful!’

'The main character, Eliza, could be me, you, or any of us because, as humans, we have more similarities than we have differences, no matter who we are or where we come from, if we choose to see them and focus on them, rather than our differences. Given some of the current things going on in the world today, I think this message is an extremely relevant and important one to be getting out there, and this book does it beautifully.'

‘This book is exceptionally well written and a fast read, but also extremely engaging in so many ways’

‘I flew through this book, really enjoyed it! Would recommend this to anyone.’

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Published by Bookouture, March 2019

Some readers' reviews:

‘Charming and, ultimately, uplifting… laugh-out-loud funny yet also, at times, heartbreaking… a feel-good story about staying true to yourself.

'I couldn’t read this book fast enough! A gripping, beautifully written, funny and warm story of fighting for love against all odds'

‘Oh I loved everything about this book! This is such a beautiful story, one of the best I have ever read!’

'A beautifully written and heartwarming read. There was not one thing that I did not like about this book. I just loved it.’

‘This was an emotional, heartwarming and totally unforgettable story that has taught me things I didn't know about people I have yet to meet, and has etched a place in my heart.

‘An enchanting novel – warm-hearted and gripping, funny and wise. I couldn’t put it down.’