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Dutch, German, English, Estonian, Hebrew and Czech covers

Readers' reviews

'An outstanding read that touched my heart in so many ways and on so many different levels. Beautifully written and totally captivating, the characters and emotional journey they each follow will stay with me for a very long time. Absolutely loved it.'


'I LOVED IT!  My heart pounding to every turn this story took made me a Beth Miller follower.'


'Heartbreaking family drama set in England and France, with pops of sly humour. It's very different from her other novels but as always, full of people who stay with you long after you've read the final page. Hugely recommended.'


'I can't exactly say I'm surprised here - but Beth Miller has crafted another masterpiece. This book broke my heart a thousand times but filled me with love and hope and made me want to call everyone I know to tell them I love them. A deeply emotive, heart rending story about families and love in all their different forms - this wasn't the story I was expecting... Warm and cosy, but heart-breaking all at once - this book was literally the feeling of a loving hug after a big cry.'


'An interesting original tale but hurrah for the ending, nothing unbelievably cheesy, just nicely hopeful'


'There are so many aspects of this story that are triggers (several of these are things I have experienced) but they are handled in a sensitive way that doesn’t feel harsh. A really powerful read for me ❤️'


'I adored The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright, so the bar was set high for the author's latest. Did it disappoint? Not in the slightest. A different read in some ways, but a satisfying book on so many levels.'

'The characters were so relatable and I didn't want the book to end.'


'This was such a compelling read... the book dealt with sensitive issues in a very sensitive yet raw way... there was such hidden depth to this book and it just kept drawing me in and gripping me so that I couldnt put it down. I really enjoyed it, I laughed, i cried and i hoped. A great read.'


'It was a fascinating read.'


'An emotional powerful hope filled book. I loved it.'


'I was impressed by how much this book intrigued me ... I still am...I loved the writing style, the different personalties portrayed in this book and how much , through the plot. the author shows that there are always different version of the same story, one not less relevant that the other.'

'I loved this book! Essentially the story of broken, damaged people, the gentle rhythm of the storytelling carries the reader along as the characters come to grips with their circumstances and learn to take control of their lives... I highly recommend this novel.'


'The story is heartwarming with episodes to make its readers laugh, and at the same time, it touches the heart.'


 'The Woman Who Came Back To Life is a heart-warming and often heartbreaking read.'


'I read this one in one sitting, it was fantastic! This emotional and heartwarming novel... is one I will read again in the future.'

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