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Reviews of When We Were Sisters

The Daily Mail
28th August 2014

To women, the idea of falling out with their best friend would be almost as traumatic as going through a divorce. So Beth Miller touches a nerve with this story of how two 14-year-old best friends, Miffy and Laura, become estranged... click to read the rest

Chapter and Verse Reviews
17th February 2015

With When We Were Sisters, published by Ebury Publishing recently, Beth Miller has totally hit all the right notes for me to love this book, which I duly did... click to read the rest
Sarah Jasmon, Author
17th February 2015

For sisters and lost loves and refound friendships, for regrets and new beginnings and finally growing up, When We Were Sisters takes some beating.... click to read the rest

Librarian Lavender
(Book Blogger 'Scintillating Suze')

18th February 2015

When We Were Sisters is no fun fairytale, it's real and sometimes raw which is what makes it such an interesting and fascinating read
... click to read the rest

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